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Human Weapon wrote:
People who convince people to do “Initiation Killings” where punkass gangsters convince other wunna-be’s who aren’t punkass gangsters yet to kill at random to join a gang. Are those people special too? s.[/quote:1uoyljmt]

There is the problem. Your gangsters have a value system which makes you and me just about as worthless as the sex workers are in your system. That gives them in their minds the right to devalue and even take my life or your life, or at least to consider it OK if someone else does, or to sue us if we have the gall in injure them while defending ourselves.

I much prefer living in a liberal democratic society where I respect others’ rights to their life and property regardless of what I think about them or their life, and I have the right to have them respect mine in return. That is what our Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights are based on.