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Great opportunity. I’m posting the family safe seminar and kids curriculum on the Instructor Site by the end of the week.

The family safe program is preyy cool. The drills have kids work with their parents, withness identification, locating safe zones and developing avenues of escape.

The kids classes are the 10 lesson self defense. Focusing on much larger targets and teaching them to escape and evade.

Family safe Seminar Ages 5 to 12 with parent

SDTS 13 and up

10 lesson SD to kids 5 to 12 (but make the program contiuious 5 and 10 month options)

13 and up 6 and 12 month options

The Family Safe Seminar: FREE or use it to raise money for local charity like women’s battered shelter or abused children.

Then offer intro program to attendees. $67 two weeks unlimited classes. Follow up with all who attend.

Make sure to get info on the release and testimonials from EVERYBODY.
Take pictures and we’ll put a press release together.

The great thing is this person NOW views you as an expert and will allow you access to the member list.
Once you get it up and going, have your assistant teach and move on to the next location…if you want.