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Re: Self Defense Isn’t Just About You

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Very true, self-defense isn’t always about “YOU” sometimes you might even have to help complete strangers. To try and guess what type of situtation will arise for you to execute lethal force is ignorant because anything can happen at any time without warning. You could witness someone being attacked, also they having someone smaller with them as well such as a child or elder. If the situation is severe and you see it, it’s too late you must intervene, or you yourself become an accessory for being too much of a coward to do shit when the skills you possess are designed for one thing and one thing only. “Neutralize the Threat” All that’s necessary for evil to occur is for a witness to do nothing. Besides, if you’re having a bad day, saving someone’s skin is the greatest excuse to f@$k someone up, especially if the assailant just has bad karma drifting his way.