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“Chonna” writes me back!!!

On Mon 08/03/10 12:33 AM , Donna Evans sent:

I do not go back and forth with my name. My email was set up that way because charlene evans was taken and my nursing licenses legally go by your first name maiden name and last. So let my put this in language you can understand since tring to be nice does not seem to work. You are an unprofessional and rude just so you know i can be also so here it is. Fuck you asshole. I have taken myself off your email notices so do not email me back. Charlene


So your maiden name was “Donna” and you change your first name when you got married. In regard to being unprofessional and rude, have you noticed that I have not used profanity in any of my messages in fact? I only asked you a direct question and you went down the “ass and balls” highway.

The question was simple: Why do you want to teach our system?
Your answer: “I have the “ass and balls” and “Fuck you asshole”.

Everything we do is a selection process from first contact to final. In the meantime let me recommend I’m sure their product will be more for your liking. Plus they have a LIFE TIME money back guarantee!!!

Here’s to emailing you every time you email me :).

Damian Ross
Master Instructor, CEO The Self Defense Company