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Re: Should we abolish the CPS with travesties like this happening, I think so?

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Dallas Williams

People tend to automatically associate government and it’s bureaucracies like CPS with a sense of good and that they will do the jobs they are supposed to do effectively and properly. But this is a prime example of the many where they fail the American people, waste our tax dollars, and with the CPS most tragically fail our children. Children are frequently removed from homes where the situation may not be most ideal, such as this case where the parents were smoking pot, but still well meaning parents who are meeting or at least attempting to meet their child’s needs into a home where all the foster parent wants out of the deal is the pay check they receive from the government every month in return for caring for the child. And as a result many times the foster parents see this as a big imposition on them and the work, time, and finances that go into caring for a child even though they’re getting paid to do it and this resentment manifests itself into the parents neglecting, abusing, sometimes even murdering the child under their care. The best alternative in my opinion would be to first of all leave parents and families alone and as long as the child is not being significantly endangered, neglected, or abused leave them with their own family. And exactly how do we define abuse or neglect? I don’t personally condone marijuanna use for anyone especially for parents, but as long as they are providing good care to their children and not abusing them in any way is this really a reason to break up a family and take children away from their parents into the hands of a stranger? And if parents are truly abusive or incapable of caring for their child then at least place the child with next of kin or some other family relative or close friend who is able and willing to care for the child because most of the time there is an evolutionary innate desire to protect and care for a member of ones own family, so while there still may be some degree of imposition on the person in charge of caring for the child it seems to me there would still be less of a chance of abuse or neglect occurring than if a child is placed with a total stranger simply being “paid” to take care of the child. Foster care or group home placement should be an absolute last resort if there really is nobody else in the child’s family or close circle of family friends who is willing and capable to take care of them. Of course the statist would say that by feeling this way that I must hate children or not want what is best for them, but it is very clear to see the current system is broken and many times isn’t working and government does not always know or care what is in the best interest for us as a whole, much less what is best for individual families. And if a government or one of it’s bureaucracies isn’t performing it’s assigned duty properly or efficiently and unnecessarily upsetting and endangering children instead of protecting them then it is also wasting our tax money by doing the opposite of what it is “supposed” to do and we should consider elimination or at least total restructuring.