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Re: Sh*t Outta Luck


Ha, shit, I don’t know if I could be better than you. You’ve been doing this way before I was even born, you trained with Carl and you’re 20 years older than I! I read you also instruct MMA too. That’s cool. Though I don’t train MMA and would get my ass handed to me in the ring…only if I played by their rules though!!! Would you recommend MMA for combat conditioning? It’s training is brutal and explosive as hell. I watch just about every night on Spike TV, last night they had 100 Ultimate Knockouts, badass stuff. But I wouldn’t mind using MMA as conditioning. It wouldn’t hurt to push myself beyond my limits! BTW If I could be better than you, as you stated, and you said that an SDTS assailant would wreck an MMA guy, does that mean I could wreck a man like Chuck Liddell or Anderson Silva! Just a thought on that.