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Re: Sh*t Outta Luck


This is Module 1 stuff.

First of all the kid throwing the punches doesn’t look like he could even box a pair of shoes. He’s not a boxer.

That being said the instructor in the film makes two very important points that get lost in the explanation:

1. Keep your chin down. This is a universal fighting rule.
2. Always move forward. This is the most important point. when you drive forward aggressively you will have only a small window of vulnerability. That being the case, it doesn’t matter what he does.

This is all module 1 stuff. With the edge of hand it doesn’t matter if his hands are up or down. You just HACK.

I’ve trained that stance and the cross stance. which brings me to my original point.

The STANCE is really just a cover to protect your face and throat. The arm across the mid section protects the body, but if you are moving forward NO ONE is going to generate enough power to take you out.

I’ve trained that stance and the cross stance. The are not as effective as keeping your chin tucked and your elbow up when your hacking with Edge of hands (Module 1).

In module 2 you’ll see the elbow spike and the double forearm shiver- both provide the same cover but are designed to initiate an attack.

Training in a STANCE teaches you to wait. Waiting gets you killed.

OK here’s what to do.

Guy gets in boxing stance. You snap up your horizontal edge of hand, tuck your chin and run him over….same thing. It just didn’t take 5 minutes to explain it.