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It’s a good question:
1. The surface area for the edge of hand actually covers from the pinkie knuckle to your shoulder. So if you get jammed, that edge of hand turns into an elbow.
2. Second, he is definitely going to react to being hit. Mostly by putting his hands up. You’ll see in module 1 that the edge of hand is incredibly resistant more so than the untrained fist. With the edge of hand you will be able to hack through his cover. If he covers, your attack will be so explosive, that will be his last mistake.

Here’s the catch…you still need to condition you hand. That’s why it is extremely important to HIT SOMETHING in training.

Train to hit progressively harder and let pain be your guide. There is no doubt that when the fur starts flying you will catch and elbow or a skull.

This time instead of smashing your knuckles on their skull, you’ll shock them with an edge of hand or hammer fist.

There is no guarantee that you won’t hurt anything, but worst case you’re trading a dislocated finger/sprain wrist with a shattered knuckles.