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Re: some questions


Hi guys don’t know if all the questions have been throughly answered to everyones satisfaction or not (have not been here in about 5 days I guess).

First off because of prior professions I have been cut 5 times and stabbed in the kidney once, so if you have to stay and fight it will get messy.

What I learned through my Le Drit Close Quarter training was to attack and trap the offending limb (it is definitely better to sustain a small cut on the chest than to take one to a major organ.

The forearm trap literally works with one arm even in an adrenalized state and still leaves you three limbs to do your damage. The major problems is getting people to move toward the weapon as it is against the protective reflex.

But the main trick is not to attack center line to center line you need to take a triangular approach to the weapon (like I said I’ll let you guys know when it time…

When my current group of students get a little more advanced I will gladly demonstrate the technique I am talking about on either my blog or my new membership site (once it is done).

As for a bag here is a simple solution brought to you from the GREAT JACK DEMPSEY (who I am sure all you New Jersey Boys remember). Jack used a laundry bag for his example but you can also use a duffle bag or an old military type laundry bag.

You can purchase these very cheaply at Army Surplus stores.

Also purchase either sand or saw dust (recommend saw dust because it is easier on the fist). Weight you purchase is up to you but once again very cheap (either one)

Next take some of your old clothes – cut them up and soak them in water than role them all up into tight round cylinders (similar to military footlocker thing we all did in basic.

Put a layer of each in (clothes and dust) until full – let set a few days go back and refill than take some good rope tie the top off and hang the bag where ever you feel comfortable.

Another option that is even less expensive is to grab an old tire.

Split the tire in half.

Drill holes in each end

Screw an eyebolt into one end

Have whatever fastening material you want to use ready

Open up the tire and place it around the front of a tree at what ever height you feel necessary and than simply run the rope or whatever through the other side (eye bolt or just bare hole that you drilled and secure it tightly to the tree.

Works very well, is portable and an excellent conditioning tool for the fist.

Hope this helps…