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Re: some questions


No comment on B.W. and yes as long as you just get the weapon out of the way. What people don’t realize is that in order to really go damage with an edged weapon, you need to thrust it into the target for highest percentage hits. Femoral, brachial, and carotid arteries are close to the surface but you will naturally protected when you attack.

Once you’re cut, you still have to bleed out. Most places will take a long time to do that. You can look at police reports and medical reports of stab wounds and the people who survived them.

Every martial artists will tell you “if you defend against and edged weapon you are going to get cut”. Then the proceed to show you a technique that is nice and clean where you control the weapon READ: the S.O.S. that doesn’t work outside the movies.

The other mistake is the game of tag played with magic markers and shock knives. It always turns into a westside story dance.

There are four possible results of an edged weapon confrontation or any other fight:

1. You hit him first and keep attacking and its over
2. You survive the first assault you get hit, stabbed or shot, and you continue to fight and survive
3. You attack him first, he survives your initial assault. You pause or stop you’re assault long enough for him to recover and counter attack and defeat you.
4. You’re attacked and you lose without any chance to counter attack.

That’s it. So when you train you focus on being aggressive and attacking your target. This way you won’t notice the strike, the cut or even the gunshot.

You will survive and you will win. You must train with that attitude. It’s crucial. The techniques and tactics of the SDTS promote that attitude.