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Ah, g’day mate, welcome to the forum.

I’m new to this too, but I’ll add my thoughts on what I have picked up from the first module. I also have a damaged right hand — broken bone and depressed pinky knuckle from a careless fist — and it still aggravates me at times.

1. I’ve never considered hitting like that till now… it feels like an awkward way to strike, but I just struck myself a few times and hitting the hand bone didn’t feel too promising, but hitting at the wrist joint felt solid. I’m not sure how I’d employ it… How would you strike with it? Like a right hook? A wide swing?

2. My favourite way is to stand in the interview position with arms folded, more weight on my front foot on the center line, with less weight on the back foot. It’s demonstrated in the module and it doesn’t look obvious at all. From that position I can drop step and give 3 lightning fast leading edge of hand strikes in a split second, followed by vertical edge of hand strikes, chin jab etc. The drop step is awkward at first (it’s all a bit awkward at first), but practice falling into it, getting the feel of falling, having your body mass behind the strikes. It generates a lot of power and won’t telegraph the initial strike. When I first started I could barely deliver two strikes in a decent amount of time without my arm popping out of joint and me gasping for air, so my speed and power has improved a lot. But be sure to warm up/stretch before getting into it, at least till your muscles strengthen.

3. Try to keep space. If they are at a distance, then you’ll have that full perspective. If they are close — a couple feet — or right in your grill, you’re not going to be able to see much more than their face anyway, and that’s when you’re in trouble. I’ve found that if someone is looking for a fight, they get right in my face and start talking shit. At that point I know I’m only a few seconds away from being punched. I can’t tell them to back off, and words on my part become useless, so I cease talking, make sure my hands are higher than theirs, assume the position and compose myself. Keep my chin down. So far all I have copped is verbal abuse. I’m not saying that method will prevent a fight, but I don’t see myself being able to reason with someone so brazen — who is usually backed by their goon squad — so if they ignore my warning to keep their distance, then I’m assuming they will strike me, so I prepare myself for it rather than getting confounded with a nose-to-nose yelling match.

4. Like grabbing the wrist? I’d try to be striking so damn hard and fast that they wouldn’t be able to grab my arm. If they grabbed my arm, I’d hit them with my free arm, or maybe apply pressure point on their thumb. Both arms? Drop step shoulder barge, head butt (mod 2), kick them in the groin, kick ankles, kick knees, knee them…

5. For me, I wouldn’t be afraid to be hitting them with the forearm bone, or elbow, or that meaty part of the hand near the wrist joint, or even the heel of hand if the angle isn’t too awkward for you. But closer towards the pinky joint feels a bit fragile. I can’t feel your pain, so I don’t know whether you want to be hitting stuff with your hand, it’s your choice. Hopefully with conditioning it will strengthen and not be so easily aggravated. Mine seems to be going alright. Don’t go too crazy on your sessions, you don’t wanna be completely buggered and have a crippled, aching hand the next day — you won’t be able to defend yourself at all!

Anyway, good luck. I’m sure Damian will reply soon and provide better illumination for you.