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1) How much do you think size and strength plays in an altercation?? I think a lot, am I wrong?
All things equal the fight goes to the bigger stronger guy, it’s just plain physics. Hopefully luck (when preparation meets opportunity) comes into play.

2) I think the system I train in now is useful for law enforcement…strikes (basic punches and kicks), takedowns/throws, then positions and there anything else i should add?
For LEO I would only add hold downs and pins, I’m assuming tha’s what positions and finishes means. It’s all good and technique is what it is. I have to ask what are you doing tactically? When you’re interviewing a guy do you wait for him to attack, are you trying to block individual punches, do you have specific defense responses to specific attacks?

3) How important is it to hit and strike first in a street situation? I think very……. Thanks for your input..

VERY IMPORTANT. But if you position yourself correctly and draw him out…it won’t look like a first strike.