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Its because they are mistaking appales for oranges. Sport figting is apples and real fighting is oranges. There both fruit but are two entirely different things and they think there the same thing.

There are common denominators but at the end of the day the two things are not related.

Just to name a few.

1) Sport rules. real Fight no rules.
2) Sport No weapons Real fight weapons.
3) Sport No friends or back up Real fighting friends /back up
4) Sport ya get a trophy. Real fight ya get to live!
5) Sport ya get a rematch. Real fight. The guy ya KOed last week shoots ur Mom or you on the crapper.
6) Sports referee to handle the action. Reality there is a cop to get ur infor because ya just became a statitstic or ya getting a free ride to the morgue.

Ill go into more later..I need some sleep…Long ass day.