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Re: Steven Seagal


Jean Claude VD did fight in semi-contact and full contact sabaki style tournaments when he was 18.

His career really flagged when Chuck Zito knocked him out at SCORES gentleman’s club.

Back ground, Chuck heard JCVD talked some smack about him. What was said was not important. Chuck knew JCVD and even body guarded for him once or twice. Chuck walked over the JCVD who was sitting down, eating a steak. when chuck approached him, JCVD got up and took off his glasses, Chuck knocked him out with a right cross.

Fight over.

After that JCVD’s movie career died.

Hey, he lost a street fight, if he had hit Chuck first, it probably would have gone the other way, but he didn’t. It just is a hell of a coincidence that the fight preceded the career crash.

JCVD getting into the ring a 50, GOD bless him and good luck. I’m sure there’s a combination of publicity and personal challenge.

Both of these guys were icons and as a young martial artists, influenced me until 1989. Now I just like the entertainment value of it all.

Steven Segal’s best work was “COCK PUNCHER”. Check out the ONION movie.