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Re: Stong Side VS. Weak Side?


I really appreciate all the advice and it helps. I have decided to train in both sides and do what I need to do and what works for me. I still study Krav and my instructor is pretty cool and realized that I will end up doing what works for me Will I end up advancing most likely not, and at this stage of the game i am there to get experience and well we have a great time there and when we do the drills where multiple attackers come in I seem to float towards use SDTS because it works, gets me out of there and does what I need it to do.

It really was not hard making the transition to SDTS from Kung Fu, other arts and Kung Fu because it is really effective and one does not have to follow rules as such, and I find it much easy to pull off SDTS techniques in a pinch so all is well and al I can do is keep training and making this work for me.

Thanks all appreciate the advice and help.