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Re: Systema Sucks


Thing is, you and I had a discussion about ammino supplements. That made me look at the obvious fact that most people follow the latest fads. whether they are effective or not.

Same in self-defense, that whole joint recruitment thing was something I have seen a lot of SD groups push on clients. Thankfully though, fads like that go as quickly as they come on these scene.

What I love about the SDTS is it just stays with the same stuff that has worked not just in WWII, but since violence first started if you think about it.

BTW, one “fad” that never went out of style and I think is fucking poisonous to effective self-defense, are JKDers who won’t let go of “well this way is the same way Bruce did it…” lol I know I know…my name has JKD in it. Still, people can’t get that Bruce did NOT have all the peices to the puzzle!