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Re: Systema Sucks



I JUST watched a bit of Vladimir Vaseliev’s stuff on Youtube. This was dealing with a guy with a knife using Systema. Yeah HumanWeapon, stuff is pure shite. You know that’s another idea that’s dead; “Well you have to be ‘;relaxed’ in order for it to work”. I know of a few guys here in L.A. who teach “combat Tai Chi” and claim they can take knives away from people.

You know, while I agree that in training you should be relaxed in a mental way, rather than just lose control what I like about what Damian teaches is that it’s all compatible with how you’re REALLY gonna feel when some f****er is gunning for your ass. You’re gonna feel adreneline. Badly. You want a system that goes along with that and just allows you to hit ,kick and stomp em hard.