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Re: Systema Sucks


Judo is the redheaded step child of the martial arts.

In the early 1900’s Japan sent emissaries throughout the world for the purpose of spreading Japan’s nationalism. (This is the same tactics we use with Christian Ministries and MCDonald’s).

“The task of developing new standard close combat system that could be taught to the new army fell to Vasili Oschepkov and Victor Spiridonov. Oschepkov was an experiences martial artist who had trained at the Kodokan in Japan. He even earned his second degree black belt from Judo’s founder Kano Jigoro. During WWI he taught soldiers combat Judo and Karate. Spiridonov was a combat veteran who had served in both the Russo-Japanese war and WWI. He had plenty of practical experience when it came to martial arts. He saw first hand how the Japanese applied the martial arts principals of constant attack and always taking ground in actual warfare and the importance of martial arts in developing a combat mindset. In addition, both men had studied boxing, Greco-Roman wrestling and many other fighting styles. “

The whole article is here: … rtain.html

The Gracies or the people who promote BJJ, did a little bit of revisionist History here. The Japanese NEVER sent jujutsu practitioners anywhere. During the time of Westernizing Japan, Jujutsu was not looked on favorably, however, the new Judo was going to introduced Japan’s bushido spirit to the world.

Maeda was a JUDO man.

BJJ article here: … -arts.html

In the book MY JUDO by Kimura he refers to Helio Gracie as a Sixth Dan (Degree) Black belt in…..JUDO.

The quote is here: One day, Helio Gracie, judo 6th dan, issued a challenge to us.

The link is here: First line paragraph 14.

There is no doubt the BJJ differs in purpose and scope from Judo. But there is no doubt that BJJ comes from JUDO.

From a marketing stand point, there was really no other way for BJJ to go. The primary techniques are the same. In BJJ infancy if they called it Gracie JUDO (By the was Braziilan Judo is AWESOME and in the 90’s those guys were like “Gracie who?”).

If they called is Gracie Judo people would have just looked up their local judo club abd went there. when they call it Gracie Jujitsu or BJJ, now it’s unique and differs COMPLETELY from what is passed off as Jujutsu in America at the time.