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Re: Systema Sucks


OK, well I know what you mean about the systema being practiced, trained and worst yet..taught by Vladimir Vaseliev in Canada AND on the TRS videos. I agree most of that stuff is indeed not very useful for street slef defense and anyone who thinks that it is is making a big mistake.

On the other hand, I HAVE seen it (hm-maybe not “it”, rather maybe A guy who knows some “”Russian fighting””) demonstrated. Basically he performed like a really bad-ass tough street fighter who knew a FEW nasty ways of taking a guy’s balance. Then again this fellow was pretty handy with Sambo as well.

But you know Damian? And I get that at this point I sound like the guy in all the forums who says “WEELL…I saw this guy when I was…” but, I was in Israel years ago. I was on a Kibbutz, a people’s farm blah blah. Well I did not remain there for long I kind of got into a fight lol. BUT, there were soldiers staying there because Israel’s soldiers are ALWAYS allowed to stay on a Kibbutz for however long they need to.

One morning I had not a lot to do just yet, these soldiers were at this somewhat secluded courtyard with quite a bit of room to train in. They were actually very nice and freindly. They let me participate mostly because they were uneven in the class and a few soldiers needed a partner. It was really cool! But, yes they WERE doing Krav Maga. The stuff that Imi taught. Mmmm…..LET’S just say that it AIN’T the same as what is being taught here in the U.S. the stuff that passes for K.M.

First, I got slammed. Second, I got them a bit antsy at me when I held back and DID’NT slam them! Third, well it did….NOT….look……like kickboxing………at all. Not cardio, not muay thai….not any of that. It was brutal, to the point, it was meant to put the hurt on someone and I have no doubt these soldiers could do it. AND, it was not all together unlike Fairbairn/Sykes/Applegate stuff. Was the training approach as solid as the SDTS? No, not really. Then again, didn’t need to be AS MUCH because these soldiers would use it when they REALLY needed to. When they got TOO close to their enemy …when shit went “wrong”. LOL ya know here in L.A. the K.M. school makes their students wear this cute outfit of olive drab workout pants and the K.M. t-shirt? LOL in Israel the soldiers train wearing what they would in combat…their frikken GEAR! Boots, the fatigues, all of it.

LOL well they had hard and nasty palm slams, rips and tears, kneecap-breaking kicks..etc. No cardio-kickboxing stance, no stance at all. They just moved in and inflicted damage. It was just for a day and then I never saw those men again. Fun. My point is I think it is when this stuff comes to the U.S. to be marketed it ALWAYS gets watered down. Hey Damian don’t get me wrong I agree..I think Systema IS a very poor system, and so is AMERICAN K.M. It’s just when you said “there is always some guy” well…yeah there is. And mostly that guy would look at what’s being taught AS the original system and say “Are you f’***ing kidding me?”

Then again, if the real Israeli stuff was taught as it is in Israel, most people in the U.S. would run away .