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James Goolsby

Agreed. Using one as a shield is good if you can get it.

You may also try and use footwork to “stack them”. What I mean is to move to a position where your opponents are more or less lined up in a row (I know, easier said than done.) This way they have less opportunity for a multiple attack like they would if they could flank you on more than one side. It gives you a better chance to fight one at a time instead of all together.

Also, I’ve been in near riot situations where me and my partner were outnumbered about, oh, 300 to 1, while trying to break up a party. We discovered, quite by accident mind you, that if you take out the biggest, baddest dude first, his “mates” tend to stand down rather quickly. When I’m crouched with my knee grinding into 300 lb. guy’s jawbone, and an ASP baton in my hand, his 150 lb. buddy is now not so brave. Laugh So, worse case scenario, if you can’t talk your way out of it, target the “leader” and chin jab his ass into next week!

[Damian Ross] covers multiple opponents throughout the SDTS program. Of course, watch the lessons (more importantly, DRILL the lessons!) but bottom line, just start kicking and hacking and flip the switch (i.e., get the opponents to switch from offensive attack to defensive, “holy shit” mode as quickly as possible.) They’ll figure out you’re not the soft target they were looking for pretty damn fast.

Stay Safe.