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Re: Technical question about gun attack


@James Goolsby said:

Your instinct is correct on this one. In an armed situation like this, you must remember that the thing that is going to hurt you the most is the end of that barrel (or, technically, what is about to come out of it!)
So, in video A, you would certainly jam the gun first; ignore the push for now (as Damian points out in MOD 5, you can’t get something without giving up a little of something else.)
Same thing in video B. You are right that you should “attack the assailant”, but again you have to consider where the greatest danger is and contend with that first. Secure the weapon and then beat the hell out the guy.
Damian explains all of this extremely well in the weapons defense module, so review those and I think you’ll really see what I mean. Also, you should definitely read GRHutchings latest post about the differences between Krav Maga and SDTS; it’s very enlightening. As you will read, the real question is: what did you do to find yourself in either one of those scenarios above in the first place?
Stay safe.

James, I agree on some of your good points, regarding to secure the weapon in both video A and B, but:

Video A: the gun is held close to hip’s attacker and his left hand is pushing (or could be a grab). Very difficult to go and jamming the armed hand. Plausible to make him spin to the right by tiger-clawing his right shoulder as in module 4 – shoulder stop as defense from wrist/arm/collar/neck grab (and Col. Applegate-like method as illustrated in “Kill or get Killed”, Disarming when weapon is concealed, pag. 237 ca.) or deflect his left (pushing) arm to his right side; both solutions conclude with an attack at his neck’s left side with EoHs or whatever.

Video B: the attacker is constantly moving the armed hand (the attack made at 0:08): to jam it is even more difficult than before! One could think that timing is the best option, just wait until the gun is at my reach, then deflect/jam it and attack. But timing is just an option and if you wait, it could be too late to act.
So, again, just *immediately* attacking the man without taking care of the weapon could be the best option, as far as Damian says in mod 8 :”the gun is alive, the gun is alive…. whatever, he has just as much as chances to shoot himself while I’m beating him than shooting me”.

I just posted to know if my tactical thinking is the same of other SDTS members here, or I am wrong about anything. Those 2 cases were not proposed by our Boss in mod 8 (well, he couldn’t think to 10000 cases), so my questions.

About GRHutchings’ post on KM, I read it and I will reply directly there; just that is strictly concerning about the scenario-matter:

Krav scenario: see video A in my first post

and Real scenario:

The same!

Your question: “what did you do to find yourself in either one of those scenarios above in the first place?” Well, I could be in a jewelry store to buy a bracelet for my spouse, or in pawn shop to to pawn something to pay off debts, or in a wal-mart for a packet of chewing gum.

A scenario is a scenario: “Avoidance”/”Awareness” and “sh*t happens”/”Murphy’s law” are two sides on the same medal, unfortunately.