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Re: Technical question about gun attack


10-4 James, as I also replied to George on KM topic, I agree 100% that Pre-Conflict management and being on yellow code is saving our a** the most of the times.

If you go there and read our exchange of msgs, you will read that he also agrees on the fact that mod 4,5 and 8 (and this is the mod 8 section) are based on developing fast reaction to sudden attacks (when things goes wrong, that 1% that you’re talking about).

So, since this is mod 8 section, and in mod 8 you study defenses from various gun/knife/club attacks, why not integrate the Damian’s proposals with other scenarios coming from KM or whatever? Scenario training is fine to train to whatever angle, situation, confined space gun/knife/club attacks. The important is to use SDTS methodology to react, and this means neither waiting to be attacked, nor fancy manouvers to defend. Just to train honestly that small part of situations where things went wrong.