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Re: Technical question about gun attack

James Goolsby


Your instinct is correct on this one. In an armed situation like this, you must remember that the thing that is going to hurt you the most is the end of that barrel (or, technically, what is about to come out of it!)

So, in video A, you would certainly jam the gun first; ignore the push for now (as Damian points out in MOD 5, you can’t get something without giving up a little of something else.)

Same thing in video B. You are right that you should “attack the assailant”, but again you have to consider where the greatest danger is and contend with that first. Secure the weapon and then beat the hell out the guy.

Damian explains all of this extremely well in the weapons defense module, so review those and I think you’ll really see what I mean. Also, you should definitely read GRHutchings latest post about the differences between Krav Maga and SDTS; it’s very enlightening. As you will read, the real question is: what did you do to find yourself in either one of those scenarios above in the first place?

Stay safe.