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@Damian Ross said:

The point I want to comment on is “you held back.”

You will know when to turn it on and when to hold back when you’re in the moment. Most people think that when you train like this you will be turned into some mindless killing machine.

Obviously this is not true- but you need to GO and TAKE CONTROL immediately – just like you did.

Right when you put your hands on her she realized she made a mistake.

Exactly. I’m human, not a killing machine. I gave her the option to walk and she chose not to, so I wrapped her up and handed her over to the officer on duty. No one was physically hurt. Being the school bully She was embarrassed because someone finally stood up to her, someone had to do it. I can’t stand bully’s. The principle shook my hand and said thanks because they have had a lot of problems with her and because of whatever reason they couldn’t expel her but because this incident was witnessed by him and an officer they were able to suspend her with counseling. Hopefully this can help her change and realize she can’t bully everyone.