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James Goolsby

Well done, Archie! Still don’t what the hell “bounce” music is, but well done nonetheless. Smile

I love what you guys say about the “mindless robot”. It’s easy to forget that we’re still human and there is still a brain behind all this weaponry. Of course, we still react “instinctively and convulsively”, but we are always in CONTROL of the level of convulsiveness. [Damian Ross] and I have had a similar conversation regarding the difference between GDT and SDTS. They both contain the same technique more or less — with a few added LEO specific extras such as handcuffing, etc. in GDT — but the combination allow us to ratchet the level of control and/or force up or down based on the suspect’s actions. Clearly you can do the same thing with SDTS alone, as your incident shows. Even in the heat of battle, so to speak, you still knew what you were doing; there was nothing mindless about it. Nice job.

Stay safe, my friend.