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Re: The 3 Count Chop Drill


JD. Last night I strapped the wave master on top of my furniture dolly and it was a blast. I always finish my workouts with a few 30 sec rounds of 3 count chops, so after my session last night I strapped him in and went to work. First impression was like oh crap where did It go, then I realized it did add a lot of realism to try training. Most likly an opponent will not stay in the exact spot for you to smash him and neither did this. Chaseing it around my carport was a frustrating, fun, realistic good ol time. Damian always says it is ok to miss and boy what one inch of movement can do, haha that’s what she said Kiss but seriously tho, you do notice that you must press the fight and stay on him until the threat is neutralized. Great great idea, try it. Training honestly… on wheels Cool