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I agree with you both. This country is so upside down right now. In the last 40 years we’ve gone from Mayberry to reality shows where families are totally disfunctional. It is so in your face that kids can think that’s the norm. We turned off our TV for several months (Kids got in trouble and that was the punishment). We had a real good time with that crap off. We were able to talk and get things done. Funny, the kids actually got in trouble because they were watching reality shows when we told them not to.

I have pretty much the same rules for my kids. They are turning out quite well I think. My 14 year old wonders why she can’t have a phone like her friends … She doesn’t need one. I don’t care how people raise there kids, I am raising mine like my parents raised me. That can be painful at times, but the results are pretty good in the end.

On the country side, I am afraid for this country. I am not sure how this mess will be turned around with the people in charge of putting things on TV putting the crap and news on that they do. We are in some trying times and they may get worse before they get better.