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The responsibility for being a man begins and ends with the man. Even though the prevailing winds have been a Liberal effeminatization – or Oprahficiation, if you will – of America, that is no excuse.

A man has principles which he stands for even if he stands alone. A man of honor serves a higher authority than himself, and by honoring this authority he is qualified to command honor and exercise authority himself.

The problem with men is that they’ve allowed society and government to talk them out of being men. This is what I believe Rush Limbaugh refers to as the “new castrati.”

You cannot be a man without serving higher ideals. These are ideals for which you are willing to sacrifice to the point of death if necessary. A man takes responsibility for himself and his wards. A man is a saviour.

We live in a victim society. Everyone is a victim, and it’s always someone else’s fault. This feels good, but it’s bullshit. No one owes you anything. So quit voting for pretentious assholes who commit larceny in the name of “social justice.”

In our emasculated society, the intellectual effete elites would have us believe that being a man is archaic and neanderthal. We all need to feel more, and get in touch with our feelings.

However, a man is one who chooses principle over feeling. Who gives a shit how you feel? Right or wrong is the only issue.

Being a man is simple.