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Re: The Right to Bare Hands


I have to be careful about what I say since we are in active litigation.

To the best of my knowledge he came to me as a green belt in judo. He learned what he knew from me and trained in it consistently for about a year and a half. The rest of the time he came to judo.

Since I have known him (2003 to 2007) he has never placed in any tournament.

I have only seen some clips of his product which was shot in my studio in pompton lakes. I can not comment on the quality of his product. The “law dog series” was filmed using God knows what twisty wrist bullshit techniques he showed on there (using my students). That’s all I can comment.

If you didn’t all ready get the real stuff here:

For the police stuff he doesn’t know go here:

Like I said, I can’t comment too much on my former student and associate since the wheels of justice move slowly.