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Re: The Right to Bare Hands


I had a new student in one of my classes ask me about pepper spray. I told him it was great and not just for girls. I know they talk pepper spray in womens self-defense courses but its for guys as well. Damian carries it with all the stuff he knows, so my student is in good company.

Keepinit, the one or two hit may be okay but it is not necessarily what I would recommend. If your goal is to get away, as it should be, then one or two hits so that you can run may be good. But you should run, and not walk away because you may get shot in the back from the guy he is lying on his back.

Because of some physical limitations, I cannot run, so my option is to hit until they quit twitchin’. Then I’ll hobble away the best I can.

We don’t box where we’ll hit 2 or 3 times and see what is happening, just continue hitting (nonstop) until its over (whether that is 2 or 20 times).Its up to you to define what “over” is to you, I have my own definition. People’s philosophy and morality will govern when “over” is. Me, I’am going home when the altercation ends on my own terms (hopefully).

As far as guns as self-defense, Murphy says your gun will be somewhere you’re not when you are confronted. Maybe not every time, but it will and can happen. So, yes, you have to have empty hands training. You may have your gun on you but his is already out and pointing at you. You gonna ask him to wait?