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James Goolsby


You’re right. I agree 100%. I, too, am a “Krav Guy”, though nowhere near the level you are, and everything you say is absolutely correct. KM is a terrific system for learning what to do in a given set of circumstances. Really, the only problem I have with it is that, like all other systems I’ve seen before SDTS, it is a specific defense for a specific attack set-up. (Interestingly enough, I had never even considered this fact as a “problem” until Damian pointed it out… now I see it everywhere and it drives me crazy!)

More importantly than technique, however, is the philosophy/concepts as you point out. I love your analogy of “what the hell did I do (or not do) to wind up in this mess in the first place?” It immediately reminded me of the point in Guardian DT when they were discussing how to “get out” of a rear naked choked. Damian’s response… “Ummm… don’t go there.” The point being that if you find yourself in that position, 1) you have totally fucked up, and 2) if it is against someone who is truly trained to use it, there is almost nothing you can do to stop it at that point… you’ll be unconscious in seconds. Hence, don’t go there in the first place. Maintain your awareness. I know, I know… easier said that done, but that’s the idea. As Damian says: No self defense system in the world can help you if you do not maintain awareness of your surroundings.

I recently turned 45, and have been in martial arts since I was 12. And I am a police officer and defensive tactics instructor for my department. So, much like yourself, I know a thing or two about what really works in a real fight. And like GBlues1 pointed out, SDTS not only works, but takes much less time to become proficient in and to maintain; that alone makes it the “best” in my book, even if other systems are technically just as efficient.

Krav Maga works — no doubt about it; but if one is using a SDTS mindset, it shouldn’t have to.