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My dear co-legionnaires, I read your posts and statements. I like KM scenarios, but I don’t like KM approach to countermeasures, since I consider it a martial art like others. You both are a Krav Guys, practice SDTS and love it, and I respect you for this. But I disagree on sentence:

“If you actually trained in the SDC Combatives program, and understood our philosophy, you would never end up in those “oh shit” scenarios that Krav teaches you to deal with.”

Well, let’s see Krav scenario:

and Real scenario:

The same!

More examples:

Krav Maga training scenario:

Charlie Nelson training scenarios:
(see at 1:24 the same attack, but also previous and following scenarios). And this last happened a lot of years ago!

This means that scenarios could be 1000 but KM will teach 1 (or more than 1, even worse!) solution for each scenario, the SDTS has 1 solution for 1000 (or 1 solution for a huge amount of similar scenarios).

So, thanks KM for scenarios, thanks SDTS for countermeasures!

Come on! if philosophy were all, it would be sufficient only the first 5 minutes of mod 1 and out of the window the remaining modules! And in mod 8 there are a lot of scenarios not to be in! Scenarios that I have never seen in a KM video or seminar, btw.
And about the first of those videos that I just posted, even Applegate in “Kill or Get Killed” thought about the gun in the pocket on the right hip side scenario!

A scenario is a scenario: “Avoidance” and “sh*t happens” are two sides on the same medal, unfortunately. Or”Awareness” and “Murphy’s law”, again, same medal.

Your question: “what did you do to find yourself in either one of those scenarios above in the first place?” Well, I could be in a jewelry store to buy a bracelet for my spouse, or in pawn shop to pawn something to pay off debts, or in a wal-mart for a packet of chewing gum.

Think only this: a few days ago, in the small town where I lived for 20 years (where historically there have been shootings every 10 years on average), there was an armed robbery at a deli. And the robber has made off to escape by firing at head height (but fortunately only hit the parked cars). This means that statistically that small town is a “safe” place to be, but sh*t happens.

Yeah, right, Damian said: “Ummm… don’t go there.” or “No self defense system in the world can help you if you do not maintain awareness of your surroundings”, but he also says: “ANYTHING can mess up your position”. SDTS mottos are: FEAR NO ONE and “when the sh*t hits the fan, you will be the last man standing!”. Sounds better and these words are much more reassuring in event of crisis.

Remember Ezechiel 25:17, “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. “

Evil men could act in 1000 or more scenarios to beset the righteous man, shepherds use SDTS to protect.

So, in my very honest opinion, the best way to train is to use KM thousand of scenarios but counter with SDTS principles and techniques, just to not get bored and in order to train smart.