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@grhutchings said:

You misunderstood what I meant when I stated what did you do to end up in a certain position. The countermeasures of the SDC employ a strike first second concept. Krav Maga tends to rely on more reactive countermeasures. Having said this, if you train SDTS the likelihood that you will wait long enough to end up in a less favorable position should shit hit the fan is less then if you have more of a Krav/martial arts mentality and react once the assault has escalated to a less favorable position for you. Example. I am not waiting for an attacker to place that knife against my throat (since I know how to deal with it from a Krav standpoint) when I could have reacted a long time prior and used the principals of the SDTS to have attacked my attacker as he was starting to pull the knife out in the first place.
You are right that every situation is different and shit does happen. But 90% + of fights/attacks have some kind of interview prior to the physical attack. This is the time to respond. Not reply on techniques you learned from other systems to defend yourself once the attack has already started.
Hope this makes sense.

Explained in this way, of course it makes sense. I agree 100% with you that prevention is better than cure, and it is good practice not to wait for the attack. I actually train with these two principles in mind (the most part of conflicts that could be avoided).

I meant to say for that small percentage that something has gone wrong, the scenario training (whatever it is) is important.
In other words, when you study modules 4, 5 and 8, you study the reactive side of SDTS, so I would just integrate the attack/defenses that Damian teaches with other kind of knife/gun/club attacks from various angles, make those attacks situational, in confined spaces. etc. This is meant to develop a fast reaction when things goes wrong and one gets suddenly attacked; and, in conjunction with pre-confilct tactics and management, leads to a stronger self-confidence.