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The SDC doesn’t deteriorate as fast as other systems do either. It takes less up keep to stay proficient with it as well. In truth in our day and age where everyone is pretty well busy from the time they wake up to the time they go to sleep, it’s very hard to find the time or in some cases even the money to do any kind of extra curricular training or hobby. The SDC is the absolute fastest way to get proficient at protecting yourself. Krav is good. Hell just about anything is better than nothing honestly, it’s just a matter of time. Some of the more traditional systems of combat take a lot of time to become proficient with them, and it’s a constant endeavor to stay proficient with them. Another thing too is it’s very common man…meaning…anyone regardless of flexibility or fitness level can do this system. There is nothing complicated about it. To those of us that have studied other systems a horse stance may not seem like a difficult thing to do, but honestly….for some it is. I was at a seminar about a year ago, and the people hosting it sent out dvd’s that had an entire section solely based upon how to move. The SDC is pretty natural. The stances are a natural everyday stance. There are a lot of difference between what the SDC is doing and other offerings out there, and this literally is the best thing going. Especially for those that just simply don’t have five years to wait to be proficient.

Edit: Just real quick the reason I brought up the horse stance, and the other guys. Was because a lot of people were having a very hard time doing those classical martial arts stances. Especially the women. When you take people that have never done those types of movements and try to teach them that in a two day seminar….well…they really struggle. With this system..the SDC, it’s not like that. Very simple, very direct. It’s why I keep coming back.