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It IS disrespectful to SEALs, Delta, USMC Recon et all The Machine. No question about it! It is even offensive to some Nam vets I knew who were no more than regular Army infantry; but will tell you in many instances there lives were saved due to the men who had what ittook to be in the Special Operations comminity.

Now, keep in mind it was Jerry Peterson’s idea to have Tim Larkin “embelish” (coughliecoughcogh) about being a BUDs graduate and a SEAL. It was marketing-ploi writ large, and Jerry wanted it done so that it could be convincing that SEALs “approve of the SCARS ” system.

Tim stuck with it because it sold in the past. I do not know anything of Tim going to one of Matt Furey’s marketing seminars, but I would not doubt it if he did. Just that Tim was lying about being a SEAL long before that-and reliable sources I know tell me Jerry wanted Tim to say he was a SEAL. Always “ex-SEAL” is what I heard. The thing is, lying about military background is apparently something Jerry Peterson never had a problem doing. It seems that what he claims to have done in Viet Nam does not check out in those who looked at his Army record.

Jerry’s original teacher is Jim Halsley, an instructor of San Soo Kung Fu. That is where and how Jerry Peterson learned most of the stuff he teaches in the SCARS system. The rest from what I know is Wally Jay’s Small Circle Ju-Jitsu/ You know? I would not think less of Jerry is he were to admit that he learned much of hs principles from Wally Jay. Some of what Wally has taught is good stuff to know. The principle of making small circles is the best way to break a guy’s fingers. But Jerry wanted it to look like SCARS did not come from any martial art, but his studies into the “science” of combat. Which makes me think not much of himat all.

By the way, Tim Larkin ended up going to a group of guys based in Southern California; some martial arts guys who were forever searching for the “truth” in fighting. Smart guys, guys who were serious and not looking to simply make bucks off of people. Well Tim went to these guys and they used his SCARS background as a way of making themselves credible. But if there is any good stuff about TFT, as I understand it it is because of these guys. Tim is a figurehead basically.