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James Goolsby

[Terry Davis],

First, let me welcome you to SDTS. You are definitely in the right place. You need this stuff if you’re out on the road! Besides, [Damian Ross] is as real as it gets and I promise he will not BS you.

I drove long haul for about a year and a half before getting into law enforcement. Oh, and you’re dead on about Texas… I once got dispatched on a load while down there than ran from one side of Houston to the other. Didn’t get paid squat cuz it was “in the same zip code” but damn near took me three hours thanks to traffic. Smile

Listen, I’m not in Texas, but I do live just outside of Nashville, TN right along I-40. As a truck driver you may pass through this way every now and then. If so, feel free to hit me up; we can certainly get together for some training if you find yourself waiting for a load or just need a break or something. Theres even a Love’s and Pilot both about 15 minutes from my house you could hold up at. Us Damian Disciples need to stick together, you know? Laugh

Stay safe, brother.