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What’s up Fella’s? I hope this is where new members introduce themselves. My Name is Pedro, Born and Raised in N.Y., I’ve lived in Florida for the past 13-14 years. I’ve been a Bartender for the Last 10 years. Currently changing professions, to Strength Coach. I’m an Underground Certified Strength Coach & Crossfit Kettlebell Instructor.

I’ve done various Martial Arts since I was 9 yrs old (currently 38 yrs old), While I did enjoy them, I always felt there was something wrong with them. Something was missing. S.C.A.R.S. was a wake up call for me, but I wasn’t completely happy with them either. Krav Maga was bringing me closer. I bought Jim Grovers Tapes, and I felt I was getting even closer.

Then years ago, I found, where I got to communicate with some really cool people, one of which was Carl Cestari. Carl was preaching what I’ve always been looking for. I haven’ t don’e any combatives in years. Recently I decided I needed too, with the economy being what it is, and people being so desperate that crime is at an all time high.

It broke my Heart to learn that Carl passed away, he was a great man! But, I remembered he trained with a guy named Damian, thank god I found Damian and he is still fighting the Good fight. I think Carl would have been proud of you with what you are doing with Combatives. I just ordered Module one and I’m so Pumped to get started!! I hope to learn and share what I can with all on this forum. Thanks for the Welcome and man am I excited to start Real no B.S. Combatives again.