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Hi Damian,

Thanks for the Warm welcome. I’ve had an eye on your site, but had my hands tied do to the declining economy. Things are slowly turning and getting better for me, so I figured I sat on my hands long enough.

I’ve seen a lot of Fighting Systems, and even more Bar & Street Fights (not me), and I don’t see anything coming close to this style of Hand to Hand Combat. I have a lot of respect for MMA guys, and they are Conditioned and tough, but it’s still just a sport.

I’ve watched the Module Demos and I can’t wait to check out the “Body Conditioning” Module. I love toughening up! I now live in Orlando,and I have a Two car Garage that I am going to turn into Underground Strength & Conditioning Gym/Hand-2-Hand Gym. Thank god over the Years I didn’t get rid of my Spar-pro, I see I can’t get them anymore. I became a fan on Facebook, Thanks for everything, and looking forward to getting back into the Fight of things.