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Hi Damian,

Yea, man I’m amped I can’t wait! I haven’t started my Strength Coach business yet, I’m going to Start it in a few short months. I’m putting the finishing touches on my Templates ect. I’m even considering a little bit down the road becoming Certified in Hand to hand, there is no one in Orlando doing anything remotely Realistic in Self-Defense. I’ve looked, the nearest is one of your guys, in the Tampa area which is over 2 hours away.

Orlando is booming and I think it would be a good mixture Hard Core no B.S. Strength & Conditioning and No B.S. Hand to Hand Combat training. I’d produce straight up Nightmares!

I have one friend for sure I want to train with (ex-hockey Player) I believe is tough enough, I want to start a small “Fight Club” group that’s not afraid to Train Hard. I want to make my training as realistic as possible, witch will lead to some Bruises and scraps and serious discomfort. Your a Spartan or you not lol. I even want to get the Air-soft (I think that’s what it’s called?) Guns, so if I disarm wrong, I’ll be the 1st to know. It’s easy to get Delusion of grandeur when you practice with a Rubber Gun.

I even want to progress to full out sparing with body Armor if that’s what’s needed. I’m excited about building Training equipment, I’m about to build my own Strength & Conditioning equipment myself, I love do it yourself stuff, you can build it just the way you want it! Rocky IV type shit lol.

I’m looking forward to Module 6, it’s going to be brutal and unpleasant, but when I get into something I really get into it lol. thanks again Damian!!