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I wasted a little money with the Captain as well, and also with alot of other systems. I am speaking $1000’s over a 20+ year span.

I bought the whole set from Damian and have Cestari’s videos, and that is all I need. So if anybody is thinking of spending money on another system, this is really a last stop shopping place.

There maybe a few scenarios that are covered on some other material I have that is not specifically covered with the SDTS. I can reference that material, but if you really think about it, the SDTS can handle those situations as well.

I love taking a new student and showing them a wristy twisty knife disarm and they think that’s cool. Then show the flaws in that approach and show them an SDTS move and the lights come on. Nobody argues when they have a useless knife hand and I have a handfull of larynx.