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Howdy from Idaho. I wouldn’t poo-poo the swamp principle too much. It comes from Bob Kasper, Carl’s long time training partner. Kasper, McCann and Nelson are/were Marines. All are/were heavily influenced by the Fairbairn/Sikes/Applegate/Oneal views of close combat and their own combat experience. SDC is great. I’ve met Damian and we’ve talked a time or two. The SDC isn’t the only valid organization around. Check out McCann on youtube. It’s good shit. He uses the elbow a lot. He’s in the enemies face. Kasper and Nelson were the same way. Nelson liked to punch. Kasper did quite a bit with blades. McCann adds more throws. Big fucking deal. I like what these guys do/did a hellofa lot more than MCMAP or Army Combatives which are nothing more than the latest martial arts fad to hit military combatives. Yes, Damian knows his shit. I like Damian, but we all owe something to these Marines who have kept the fire burning. Nobody else did but these guys and Carl Cestari. All you’re doing when you get into the ” I don’t like Swamp ” or other bullshit is to be exactly the same as the martial arts community. We don’t belong in that community. Let’s not eat our own. Semper Fi. Yes, I’m a Marine.