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Re: What the F*&K is YIN?


First, I am sure the SCARS personality test includes a valid credit card. It never stops amazing me what people are willing to pay just to have a certificate.

The other is (FILL IN THE BLANK) Martial Arts Hall of Fame. At least once a month I get inducted into one or another. I would like to think that it is because I am SOOO incredibly gifted and they have been tracking my progress ever since I put on a white belt…but no, I know it’s because of my name in the phone directory. Every hall of fame dinner, banquet and plaque costs several hundred dollars when it is all said and done.

BTW Robin, you hit the nail on the head…hit something, a lot. If you’re not striking anything, you’re not developing power and power is king. Some people get the SDTS and stop because they realize they have to hit something. Do they really think that by sitting and watching a video they will magically kick some butt. Granted, you don’t have to train as much as you think you do (Because all martial artists LIE :shock: ) but you do have to do something.

This is the primary reasons all these other programs exist. It follows the “take a pill and get stronger, smarter, thinner, faster” model. We know there are clear short cuts to being able to protect yourself, but you still have to practice and there is still going to be some discomfort.

Can you watch a video and be better off, sure. You can learn what to look for and what to avoid and MAYBE something sticks, but there’s no getting around good old fashioned practice.

when I was having trouble with a particular trow, I asked Yonezuka what I should do to make it better. He said practice 700 fit ins a day. Now, he could have been blowing me off, but it worked.

I will always have respect for anyone who sacrifices time in the pursuit of self improvement. Marathon runners to kung fu practioners, it doesn’t matter. The will to subject yourself to that type of training and dedication goes a long way. The person who is willing to do 1000 chin jabs on the BOB, is willing to do a lot more than the person who is going to happy hour. Do the 1000 chin jabs…then go to happy hour.