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Re: What the F*&K is YIN?


Ya know Damian, I was just recently thinking the very same thing. Why not a martial arts version of MythBusters? I mean, if any subject f’n NEEDS a myth-busting. Jeeezuz, the worst example is Dillman-sudent-guy can’t blow back a local reporter like he can his students cause “your toes are positioned in a way where I can’t do it”.

They could also pay a visit to that Spetznaz stuff. No disrespect to the ACTUAL Spetznaz guys who are very admirable,but guys who teach this stuff say they can take you off balance by making you follow their movement, “hypnotizing you” and then making you fall over.

of course, I’d like them to also go talk to the guys who say that if you strike a target right “he’ll always react and double over this way.” Ala autonomic/kinematic reactions.

Yin?? I thought Yin was the feminine, “dark” side of the energy of life, the yeilding side, that goes inward and such. It is something else now?

Or maybe it’s “You Iditotic Numbskull” for believing in that sensei can really do this.