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Re: What we do up, we do down…


With all above said I fully agree. Ground fighting is not pretty it is sloppy and you do what you have to to get out and up. I have tried the BJJ route, and saw so much because well you are not using all your weapons that you are able to use, besides the ground ain’t comfortable, rods, glass, rots and the rest. What SDTS shows is just plain brutal but that is what a real fight is. Working as a Paramedic in North Philly well I have been in my share of scrape, druggies trying to steal equipment or drug boxes that really do not have enough to get you high, and well they do not attack one on one, so many times my partner was useless, but you do what you have to do, and what I see here is what works and has worked. To me half of the battle is attitude and the attitude to survive and plain aggression, and being willing to do what it takes and use controlled aggression where you do not lose your mind completely

I will turn 47 in July, but as the boss said it ain’t over until we are in the box.Smile I ain’t going no where anytime soon.