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James Goolsby

There is this thing that I’ve noticed that guys do when they’re posturing for a fight. It’s the whole, throw both arms back, stick your chest out, raise your chin and start running your mouth. I once heard it referred to as the “in your face ego attack”. I call it pea-cocking, as in struttin’ around like a peacock. By any name, it’s damn funny to watch. I’ve seen dudes get leveled right in the middle of an “Oh, yeah?” and they never knew what hit ’em. I found it funny that the women here seems to be the one pea-cocking, at least at first.

I pretty much agree with everyone else on this. They both are dumbasses and should have mutually walked away. Then again, I give him some credit; at least he kept telling her to go away and leave him alone until she got physical. Of course, the only problem with YouTube clips like this is that we are rarely ever privy to the whole story. All we get to see is what the person posting wants us to see. Hell, this dude could have beat the crap out of her the day before, but this clip shows him to be the “victim”, so who knows? For example, I noticed at one point she mentions something about a bullet hole in her door (or something like that.) Perhaps dudes a total douche like she says. That’s why I usually take clips like this with a grain of salt.