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Re: When do I use Module 5?

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Young Wang

Also think of Mod 5 as what you would use if you’re lucky enough to live in a state that allowed concealed or even open carry of handguns. You would adopt the bladed stance gun side forward and use the finger dart and whip kick as reactive maneuver to access your firearm. It’s your bridge to be able to safely draw your gun without getting knocked out first by a charging attacker. But for the rest of us, Mod 5 is THE module to share with your girlfriend and other loved ones who are thinking about self defense but not really committed to anything past buying a pink canister of pepper spray because everything else is just information overload. At least Mod 5 will get them thinking, “Hey it’s best to actually not lodge this thing deep in my purse…” and to actually think about how they would use it instead of it becoming just another toy that they buy and never think about again.Smile