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Young Wang

Speaking of baby steps, THE one combo from mod 5 I taught to my girlfriend actually works on the progression of least “hard core”(bodyweight commitment) to most “hard core”(bodyweight commitment). After I explained that her priority is always to step back into a bladed stance when talking to strangers (instead of the reg interview stance), I taught her the finger dart HIGH to the face/eyes and whip kick LOW to the groin/shin with a stomp. I explained to her that if that gets them to back off/run away, great, now run. If not, edge of hand HIGH to the throat/neck area and edge of hand LOW to the groin all while keeping a bladed stance. Now usually all this will buy you the time to run or step back and draw pepper spray. But if HE STILL keeps coming, desperate times call for desperate measures, so square up and drive both your hands up for the double chin jab w/ thumb gouge and knees as necessary aka the coup de grace and Fairbairn’s FAVORITE for women. All attacks from the rear/side are the same except you may start with an elbow/ edge of hand. If she drills this high-low combo until it is instinctive and convulsive, she’ll probably never need any of the other stuff. The best defense against a insert grab/hold, wrist grab,front choke, etc. is a finger dart and whip kick aka don’t get grabbed in the first place Smile