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Dallas Williams

Congrats on your relationship YW, and it’s great that you’re teaching her right should she ever encounter a fucked up individual intent on doing her harm or worse. Too many women, and guys also, strap on weapons and think they’re giving themselves an effective means of protection and big false sense of security without actually training how to deploy and use them in a real life attack, and most importantly retain their weapon to keep it from being taken and used against them. Module 5 is the perfect module for women, children, or those who otherwise just want to escape an attacker or buy themselves time to draw a weapon who otherwise are either overwhelmed or uncomfortable using the more brutal and lethal methods in the other modules. The point is people have no business carrying a gun, pepperspray, a knife, tazer, or any other weapons unless they have a basic foundation of hand to hand combat skills and how to correctly retain, deploy, and use the weapons they do carry.