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I’m just saying to defend what is right because it’s right. If you have no confidence, it doesn’t matter. It’s a duty.

A guy with no training, properly motivated, should not be underestimated. Even my observation of pro fighters, from boxers to MMA, has made me realize that training is ultimately all bullshit anyways. It’s like pro golfers who are paralyzed by all their training. Too much crap in their heads. Too easy to upset the delicate balance of “confidence.”

It’s 90% attitude/purpose.

I believe in training, but you have to have a firm sense of purpose and principle at work in your mind or it’s just empty practice.

The brief little training I did with you guys really highlighted this. Every time I got into “training mode” I turned into a bumbling bafoon. But when I zoomed out, and remembered what the hell I was doing it for, everything flowed together again. In “training mode” I had to have “confidence” in different techniques. Back in reality mode, though, none of that mattered, and confidence gave way to purpose.

I also realized that it’s a waste of time to practice anything you can’t relate to. I instantly recognize techniques I would actually use in real life. The drop step, for example. These things instantly resonate with me. Trying to practice stuff that I wouldn’t use messes up my focus. Faith is very important.

I think teaching this stuff is tricky, because everyone is going to embrace different techniques. I’d rather show each one and then say, “mix and match as you please.” What I prefer, another guy might not. Heh, I don’t care – whatever gets it done for you.

Training is good, but training can really mess your head up if you don’t stay focused on the ultimate objective. Which is simply to destroy your target.

All this is to say that confidence is such a fragile thing and to me it’s actually a distraction. Defend what is right. That is my purpose. That is all that matters. How is not so important.

Just more ideas, right or wrong.