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James Goolsby

@Dallas Williams said:

There is really no difference between the defense against that hold and the defense against this one. They are both attacks from behind and the key point to remember when anybody attempts to grab or strangle you from behind is to immediately start changing direction and momentum on them. Start stomping the feet backhanding the groin rear elbow the face and when you get enough space and you get turned around on them finish them off just like you would any other attacker.

Archie & Dallas,

I agree. It’s pretty much the same “attack”, so I don’t see any reason to complicate things. The only thing that might make a difference is how fast or slow the chloroform might affect a person. Then again, a “proper” choke will render someone unconscious pretty quickly, too, so I suppose this really isn’t a factor. I would love to get [Damian Ross]’s input on it, but at first glance I would say we’re pretty well covered already.